Questions and answers

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1. Order online

For online order use the contact document.

2. Telephone order

Contact the Sales Department at one of the phone: +40 743 058781 / + 40 747 226100.

3. Order by e-mail

To order by email send us your request to our email address: or

4. Directly to the Depo

We are waiting for you at our warehouse.

1. All our goods sold, are passed through an industrial disinfection process carried out at international standard according to EU legislation.

2. At each purchase of goods, the disinfection certificate related to the sorting lot will be attached to the invoice.

The goods are sorted according to the season and quality.

Season: Summer – Spring / Winter – Autumn

Quality: Extra, Quality 1, Quality 2, Export, Raw materials (items that can no longer be sold as clothes)

Extra quality: Clothing in a very good condition, new items, with label, modern, without signs of wear or stains without defects or old-fashioned.

Quality 1: Clothing in good condition, modern, with a minimum degree of wear. (may accidentally contain items with dust or stains, removable by washing)

Quality 2: Clothing with visible signs of wear, with small repairable defects or stains that come out by washing.

For these details visit the product compartment from our website where you can see our complex offer which contains: item code, product name, product description, packaging type.